The Story

I started living on my own in 2009, and I haven’t had television since.

People often ask me, “What do you DO?” I have my DVD collection (every Bond from Dr. No through The World Is Not Enough, the complete series of Columbo, et cetera) and my Wii (there’s a baseball game on there I really like) and I read a lot (54 books last year, and I hope to do 60 this year).Ā  I listen to old-time radio shows on my commutes to and from work.

My friends all have TV, so I have watched a few things with them – the first three seasons of Mad Men and all of Breaking Bad. But, to be honest, I don’t really miss it.

Then one of my friends offered to let me use his Netflix account, and the sudden access to all these movies and shows I’d never seen got me thinking… what have I really been “missing out” on?

So here are my thoughts on some of the past five years of popular culture, and some other stuff too.





  1. I’m almost at my 3rd year without tv and I feel very good. I have netflix from some months and I watch movies in cinema or on the web. Nice to meet someone else who can live without, even despite the “what do you do” question and the being completely cut out of some conversations šŸ˜‰

    1. Ah, it’s good to know there are more of “us” out there! I think there’s a certain pride in being able to say you don’t need tv each day… although there HAVE been a lot of conversations where people ask, “Oh, have you seen X?” and I just stare blankly and shake my head.

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